Preserves / canned foods

Developed as early as during the Napoleonic wars by French confectioner Nicolas Francois Appert, preserves still represent an important category in the retail trade.
The long shelf-life of the products and the opportunity this provides for holding stocks of different products means that preserves still remain very popular today.

The gentle method of converting fresh raw goods into preserves contributes to the fact that taste and nutritional values are not impaired in spite of long shelf lives. Thereby, for example, harvest-fresh fruit and vegetables retain important nutrients even after extended periods of storage.
By reason of the long shelf-life, exotic sorts of preserves from distant countries are getting into German kitchens and - side by side with the classical fruit and vegetable preserves – introducing variety.

In addition to the fruit and vegetable preserves, we also offer a large selection of canned fish and seafood products. The wide range includes not only the classical canned fish products such as tuna fish and sardines but also many different fish and seafood specialities. These reach the can freshly caught and thereby retain their beneficial characteristics at the best possible rate.

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