Refrigerated articles

The refrigerated article segment is made up of the areas of "fresh" and "ultra-fresh".

In the fresh sector we offer Mediterranean and international cheese specialities and convenience products such as fresh pasta, antipasti and ready-made meals with longer best-before dates.

The core range of the ultra-fresh group products consists of cooled fresh products, generally without preservatives and with very short shelf-lives, and comprises, for example, ready-to-eat fruit and vegetables, ready-to-eat salads and high-value ready-made meals.

With our ultra-fresh products we are satisfying the increasing demand on the German retail market for fresh and varied products which can put pleasure on the plate or in the hand of the consumer without a lot of work.

With a carton-precise, fresh products logistics service (within 24 hours) we are able to guarantee that our products are always delivered fresh and in top quality.

Starting with ready-to-eat fruit and vegetables, via fresh antipasti and pasta through to ready-made meals of different cuisines, our refrigerated articles range offers a lot of variety and the opportunity for creativity.

Further information on our products can be found under the tabs Quality and Sustainability.

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